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Glove'n Care Hand Cream must be the best-kept secret of nurses and medical technicians. Whether you have dry hands from all the hand-washing, or from wearing those latex gloves all day, you will want to know about this hand cream.

I first sampled this cream when a dental sales rep gifted me with a tube. "Try this," he said, "You'll love it." He was speaking the truth! Not only does this hypoallergenic hand cream moisten your hands, it doesn't leave a greasy residue. And it leaves your hands so soft.

I liked it so much on my hands, I tried it on my feet. Especially the heels. Presto! Softer feet and within a few minutes, I was able to slip on my socks without worrying about oily residue. I tried the cream on my arms and legs on those dry patches that appear in cold weather. Presto again! Softer, smoother skin.

I LOVE THIS CREAM! - Linda S. Amstutz

"Until I found Glove'n Care, I could never find a hand cream that was not too sticky or greasy to use at work.  With Glove'n Care, I feel like I have found the best product on the market.  It cured my chapped hands, and allows me to do my job." - Dr. Isabel Blumberg (OB-GYN).