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Products Research :
Below lists some important product research findings.

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Glove'n Care ++++ 1/2 The Dental Advisor Plus. July/August 1995;Vol. 5:No. 4.

TDA PLUS Recommendation: Glove'n Care is a highly recommended skin care cream developed specifically for dental professionals who wear latex gloves. It received a 91% approval rating.

Positive Features: Consultants rated Glove'n Care at a 99% level for the feel of skin after application. A very small amount is needed, and it is readily absorbed. A single application is effective over several washing and glovings, and Glove'n Care does not interfere with donning or removing gloves. Long-term skin response also rated well. Personal preference influenced evaluation of the scent, from "pleasant" to "perfumey." The tube has a clean, professional look, can be opened and closed readily with one hand, and stands upright on its cap so cream is easily dispensed.

Hand cream relieves dermal sensitivity Deutsch AS, Cohen BI, Musikant BL. Dentistry Today 1995; July:20-21.

There has been an increasing concern regarding hypersensitivity reactions to operatory gloves. By far latex gloves were the most common cause of problems. The most common reactions were a) itching and/or redness on contact area; b) dry skin on contact area; and c) cracking skin on contact area.

Recent work has brought to light a number of interesting facts concerning hydration of the stratum corneum. For example, it has been found that the stratum corneum contains water-soluble compounds responsible for the wetability, water-holding and water-absorbing capacities of this tissue, which are called collectively "Natural Moisturizing Factor" of skin, or simply NMF.

Glove'n Care hand cream contains all of the minerals present in NMF. Glove'n Care contains an effective hygroscopic moisturizer, water of high saline content. It does not cause burning, stinging, or other unpleasant sensations and is well tolerated on the lips and skin. It is non-irritating and does no damage to the stratum corneum, even after repeated applications.


Clinical Research Associates Newsletter, Glove’n Care Hand Cream. (120) 1997;21(10):4.

EVALUATION SUMMARY: Rating of hand creams involves strong personal preferences, & only occasionally can a group of clinicians reach consensus on this type product. Glove’n Care had exceptionally high rating among clinicians & staffs from 34 field sites. Following advantages are noted: (1) Relieved effects of dry skin well for 74% of users; (2) Did not leave greasy film when sued correctly (dispense small amount & allow 30 sec. to absorb); (3) Left hands smooth & soft with only one case of irritation reported in user group; (4) Long lasting (effects withstood several washings); & (5) CRA Evaluators noted water base rather than petroleum base created minimal latex glove interaction. Fragrance was noted as excellent by 46%. Overall rated excellent or good & purchase recommended by 88% of CRA Evaluators.

1998 CRA Dental Product Buying Guide.CRA-Clinical Research Associates Newsletter. 1998;22(1):2&4.

Products which were highly rated after clinical field trials, long term clinical testing and lab testing:
Glove’n Care- Excellent overall grade & purchase indicated

Those Hands, Those Hands, Those PRICELESS Hands. Clappison RA. Oral Health June 97;87(6):29-30.

With up to 29 percent of dental professionals reporting dry, inflamed hands there is no doubt about the adverse effects of gloving. The problems are mainly of the irritant contact dermatitis type. The allergies are reported to be increasing. Latex, the main source of sensitivity contains chemicals such as thiuram accelerators, antioxidants, surfactants, sulphur by-products and acids.

Since most latex is from the natural source latex gloves can include organic contaminants such as fungi, bark, lichen, molds and as many as 100 different proteins. If you are having hand problems keep in mind that the progression from irritant contact dermatitis to allergic dermatitis does occur over time so protect those priceless hands. Glove’n Care (a soothing, hypoallergenic hand cream with minerals mined from the Dead Sea) is recommended for use before and after gloving. Glove’n Care is scented, nongreasy, and contains various oils, emulsifying wax, aloe vera gel, Dead Sea water for healing, glycerin, allantoin, dimethicone etc. The author found it to be very beneficial.

Evaluation of the Electrical Permeability of Hand Creams Applied to Latex Gloves. Cohen BI, Pagnillo MK, Musikant BL, Deutsch AS. Gen Dent 1997;45(6):592-598.

The purpose of this study was to measure the electrical conductivity on latex gloves when they are in contact with commercial hand creams. One hundred twenty-five gloves were allotted to groups of five. For each group of gloves except the control group, a pea-sized amount of hand cream was applied to each digit. The gloves were allowed to sit for one week before electoconductivity testing. The testing apparatus consisted of an electrode inside a vessel filled with an electrolyte solution. Gloves were filled with and placed into the electrolyte solution, and electrodes were placed outside and inside the gloves. Two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) statistics was applied to the electoconductivity data and upon finding a significant difference with ANOVA, the Student-Newman-Keuls (SNK) pairwise multiple comparison test was used to determine which specific treatment conditions differed from one another. These analyses showed that gloves differed significantly (p<.0001), as did hand creams (p<.0255). Further analysis with the SNK test showed that each of the three gloves differed from each other. Henry Schein brand gloves had the greatest glove integrity and Defend brand gloves had the least. Both Glove’n Care and Septodont brands were statistically less likely to affect the integrity of the latex gloves than Henry Schein hand cream, Keri, Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, and Vaseline. Henry Schein hand cream, Keri, Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, and Vaseline brands were not statistically different from one another.