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Health care professionals are faced with a harsh skin environment from countless hand washings and repeated disposable glove use. As many as 3/4 give a history of having skin problems.  Our products are specifically designed so they will not compromise disposable glove integrity but they will leave your hands soft and smooth.


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Dermatologist Recommended!

Glove’n Care® Hand Cream and Scrub’n Glove® Liquid soap are developed with soothing emollients mined from the mineral rich Dead Sea. The minerals from the Dead Sea provide proven regenerative properties due to one of the world’s highest concentrations of minerals suitable for skin-related healthcare. These products will provide your dry, cracked, itchy skin with deep nourishment and hydration. Glove’n Care Hand Cream and Scrub’n Glove the secret to keeping your skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

The secret of healthcare workers —
Glove’n Care, the professional choice.

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